Cabalistic Oracle and Calculator 1.3
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Important - Please Read

For the last ten years, I have tried in vain to find the original source for the Cabalistic Oracle provided to me by Telesma-Evida Publishing. Users have contacted me trying to find additional information. All my contact information for Telesma-Evida Publishing has not been valid for years.

A couple of days ago I was able to find several sources for the Cabalistic Oracle. This is possible because of Google Books. To my surprise a Google search also searches within the text of the books they have digitized.

The earliest reference to the Cabalistic Oracle is found in:

Lawford, Louisa. The Fortune-Teller; or, Peeps into Futurity, London: Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1861. View in Google Books

It quickly became apparent to me that the information provided by Telesma-Evida Publishing is incomplete and inaccurate. For example there is no value listed for the letter W, when in fact the text explains that a W should be treated as a double V with a value of 1400. There are numerous other problems.

I will no longer offer the Telesma-Evida Publishing version of the Cabalistic Oracle. All versions of this program Version 1.3 and earlier should be discarded and replaced by the corrected Version 2.

Cabalist Oracle Calculator Ver. 2

John Kostura
July 1, 2012

In order to find out the character, the aptitudes, or the temperament of a person with the help of this oracle, take each one of the letters in the person's first and last name, and replace them with the corresponding numbers.
Letter Values
A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=600,
K=10, L=20, M=30, N=40, O=50, P=60, Q=70, R=80, S=90,
T=100, U=200, V=700, X=300, Y=400, Z=500, HI=800, HU=900

There is no value for any letter not listed.

Add up all of the numbers given and you will have the person's individual number. To find out what this number means, consult the Table of Answers; discard the "thousands" number and look for the meaning of the "hundreds".

Example Calculations:
Do you want to find the individual number for "Jean-Jacques Rousseau"?

J = 600; E = 5; A = 1; N = 40;
J = 600; A = 1; C = 3; Q = 70; U = 200; E = 5; S = 90;
R = 80; O = 50; U = 200; S = 90; S = 90; E = 5; A = 1; U = 200
Total : 2,331
The total is 2,331, so you take away 2,000 and keep only 331, which gives you the following in the Table of Answers:
"Ardent faith, philosophy" for 300 and "Ambition, glory" for 31--which, indeed, describes the character of this man.

If the name produces a number which is not in the table or which has the notation "Nothing", then you must break it down into hundreds, tens and ones.

For example, the name "Albert Einstein" results in the number 506, so we find the following:
500 = Election, honors, stature.
    6 = Perfection, work.

The Table of Answers is included in the Cabalistic Calculator.

Copyright Telesma-Evida Publishing, 1991-2000

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