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Program Update

Current Version 1.5 9/23/2012

  • All copy protection is removed.
  • Program converted to Karmaware.
  • Primary index removed from Tone database.
  • Help File updated.

The program itself has not been updated except for the Primary Index being removed from the database. This was done to eliminate exception error when incorrectly entering the same data twice.

When you install the update you will be given the option to replace the Tone.ABS database or retain your current database.

Use the following link to download the install program:

numtones15.exe (1.3 Mb) 9/23/2012 Ver. 1.5

Version 1.41 1/16/2010
  • The program Help is changed to comply with Vista and Windows 7.
  • Corrected closing the Tone Database if all entries are blank.
  • Removed volume Mixer Control.
  • Added additional Stop Play button.

Version 1.4 12/04/2005

  • Correct Load of Data and Tone Settings. The Tone Durations were not being reset after loading the settings from a file.

Version 1.3 6/17/2005

  • ReFormat Screens for Windows XP

Version 1.2 6/11/2005

  • Help File Added
  • Keystroke Check for Tone Entry field.

Version 1.1 6/1/2005

  • Reports added
  • Upgrade database entry.

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