The intent of this site is to provide a forum for a wide variety of creative interests
including metaphysical software, ceramics, sketch art, editorials and chemtrails.
Art Exhibit
An art exhibit of original art including ceramics, clay art and original sketches.

Clay and Sketch Art

Sketch "The Seer"
Sketch "Red Cloud"
Sketch "The Maiden"

Labyrinth Cross
Soft Clay Sculpture
Fragrance Burners
Thrown Clay Bowls
VariColor Clay Bowls

A unique collection of popular freeware and shareware programs.

Program Summaries
Numerology Calculator Select
Free Numerology Calculator
Numerology Healing Tones
Free Cabalistic Oracle
Free Mayan Calendar Calculator
Free Mayaonic Calendar Calculator
Free Jewelers Assistant
Free BP Oil Spill Calculator

John Kostura

An art exhibit including ceramics, clay art and original sketches. Also included are editorials, freeware and shareware programs and a diverse collection of topics.

BP Oil Spill Magnitude
Art Exhibit
Healing Tones
Labyrinth Cross
Mayan Calendar
Cabalistic Oracle
TED Talks
Pretending & Dots
September 11, 2001
Gore vs Bush
MP3 & CD Industry
MS Innovations?
God's Special Gift
PreDiluvial Earth
Contrails? OKC
Edge World

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